Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A view from 16,237ft

High Camp at 12,000ft

Tempting view of the summit from this nesting site. We ate many frozen things during the two nights we spent up here. Frozen, oil, cheese, hot sauce, and many others. I think the frozen tuna cheese wraps were my favorite.

Heading up to our high camp at 12,000ft. As you can see, sunny weather continued to dominate despite the ominous sun dogs.

Pig Hauling

We pulled the sleds up to about 9,000ft then cached them to head up to the summit lighter and faster. Good riddens to the pigs.

Jedlicka, meat bomb that she is, tredding lightly across the snow bridges of the broken ice around 8,000ft.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mark "the Haus" Dalpes won the award for logging the most sled hauling time on the trip. This time includes many hours hauling uphill. Mark also volunteered to shralp Sanford with the sled, skiing mixed terrain including Sastrugi, ice, and extreme snowbridge crossings.